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US-3963700-A: Recovery of anthocyanin from plant sources patent, US-4004873-A: Continuously operating press patent, US-4103406-A: Split type sectional forming roll patent, US-4103632-A: Stepping motor shaft position determining arrangement patent, US-4227178-A: Decentralized data transmission system patent, US-4276543-A: Monolithic triple diffusion analog to digital converter patent, US-4285475-A: Mechanical feed-up of web material on a recoiler patent, US-4285771-A: Nuclear core and fuel assemblies patent, US-4286041-A: Composition and process for developing diazotype material patent, US-4318181-A: Timer display apparatus patent, US-4342396-A: Rotary parts separator patent, US-4363218-A: Heat pump using solar and outdoor air heat sources patent, US-4399364-A: Diamond treatment patent, US-4427358-A: Sectional concrete screed machine patent, US-4433178-A: Process for preparing acetaldehyde from methanol and synthesis gas using a novel catalyst composition patent, US-4459709-A: Artificial limb prosthesis patent, US-4515548-A: Apparatus for forming and cutting latex blocks into strips patent, US-4547864-A: Correlation detecting device patent, US-4658178-A: Plastics skirt for rigidly interconnecting metallic base and glass envelope of a lamp patent, US-4671224-A: Apparatus for controlling a power supply to a glow plug for a vehicular diesel engine patent, US-4694966-A: Merchandising tray patent, US-4848864-A: Scanner for the optical scanning of objects patent, US-4949619-A: Sound pickup device for acoustic stringed instruments patent, US-4988042-A: Automated car wash system patent, US-5094693-A: Doped zinc oxide-based pigment patent, US-5181116-A: Television receiver with control of writing and reading of video memory patent, US-5273381-A: Ball screw guide unit and transporting table using the same patent, US-5381136-A: Remote data collection and monitoring system for distribution line patent, US-5419947-A: Non-reciprocal circuit elements patent, US-5473218-A: Diamond cold cathode using patterned metal for electron emission control patent, US-5644404-A: Facsimile server system capable of recognizing at transmitting end an access to received facsimile data at receiving end patent, US-5790986-A: Article of headwear patent, US-5805033-A: Dielectric resonator loaded cavity filter coupling mechanisms patent, US-5827366-A: Czochralski growing apparatus suppressing growth striation of long large-diameter monocrystalline silicon patent, US-5985024-A: Method and apparatus for growing high purity single crystal silicon carbide patent, US-6383948-B1: Coating film forming apparatus and coating film forming method patent, US-6435571-B1: Neck tie tying tool patent, US-6457235-B1: Method of wire-bonding circuit chip to bonding pad patent, US-6568773-B1: Refrigerator patent, US-6663440-B2: Printed circuit board for pin array connection patent, US-6707892-B2: Application terminal patent, US-6726929-B1: Pharmaceutical mixture comprising a profen patent, US-3767322-A: Internal cooling for turbine vanes patent, US-3808059-A: Method for manufacturing iii-v compound semiconductor device patent, US-3883042-A: Installation for dispensing gasoline patent, US-3909940-A: Safety razor combination patent, US-3937326-A: Product display carton patent, US-3967316-A: Data recorder patent, US-3983373-A: Article control system patent, US-4042495-A: Method for conditioning fresh and sea waters from oil patent, US-4062071-A: Closet seat fitted with a valve controlled douche patent, US-4129410-A: Method of drying gypsum wallboard and apparatus therefor patent, US-4140046-A: Piercing blade temperature control patent, US-4285184-A: Method of sound-proof window construction for building structures patent, US-4384311-A: Method for cleaning the disc surface and the head support structure in a magnetic disc drive patent, US-4439854-A: Video disc stylus patent, US-4443532-A: Induced crystallographic modification of aromatic compounds patent, US-4465037-A: Shock absorbing cam shaft driving system patent, US-4502226-A: Measure tape and key chain combined device patent, US-4506248-A: Stacked amorphous metal core patent, US-4514685-A: Integrating circuit for use with Hall effect sensors having offset compensation means patent, US-4542279-A: Microvector control for edge and joint following patent, US-4554067-A: Seed treating machine patent, US-4608932-A: Safety deposit box system patent, US-4616258-A: Device for monitoring the interior of a conduit patent, US-4618208-A: Circuit test clip patent, US-4664231-A: Braked castors patent, US-4701633-A: Low power clock generator patent, US-4711521-A: Method of manufacturing a terminal device for an optical fiber, and device thus obtained patent, US-4807789-A: Tape dispenser patent, US-4810830-A: Shield case for television signal branch distributor patent, US-4821004-A: Method for the elimination of spurious echos in electro-acoustic delay lines using bulk waves and delay line applying this method patent, US-4825482-A: Mattress support assembly patent, US-4900653-A: Photographic elements containing filter dye particle dispersions patent, US-4975171-A: Bipolar electrolytic cell patent, US-5000191-A: Force-limiting adapter for surgical instruments patent, US-5061970-A: Energy band leveling modulation doped quantum well patent, US-5070957-A: Variable effort automotive power steering gear patent, US-5072818-A: Elastic clutch patent, US-5100015-A: Latch unit for container and mating lid patent, US-5125260-A: Calibrator and calibration method for computationally compensating for phase mismatch in sound intensity probes patent, US-5148362-A: Method and device for balancing a three-phase system patent, US-5229155-A: Process for improving secondary coffee extracts in the production of soluble coffee patent, US-5239920-A: Can crusher apparatus patent, US-5297707-A: Container and vehicle combination and a method for carrying sporting equipment and clothes patent, US-5302217-A: Cyclic heat treatment for controlling grain size of superalloy castings patent, US-5316255-A: Vacuum container holder patent, US-5369604-A: Test plan generation for analog integrated circuits patent, US-5439358-A: Recirculating rotary gas compressor patent, US-5455230-A: Delta opioid receptor antagonists and their use as analgesic agents patent, US-5518132-A: Receptacle having protective flaps patent, US-5598384-A: Feed search system for optical disk recording device patent, US-5656955-A: Low power output buffer circuit patent, US-5673278-A: Method and apparatus for introducing diagnostic pulses into an analog signal generated by an instrument patent, US-5709457-A: Draining lamp base/husk assembly patent, US-5727179-A: Memory access method using intermediate addresses patent, US-5747739-A: Electrical outlet box patent, US-5759437-A: Etching of Ti-W for C4 rework patent, US-5920153-A: Power supply for light sources, particularly for the quick ignition of fluorescent lamps and the like patent, US-6009518-A: Computer system for providing improved security for stored information patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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